UK Perfect Fake Rolex GMT Master Ref. 16700 And Omega ‘Tintin’ Speedmaster Watches

Each week, we present a selection of our favorite best replica watches from the pre-owned side of our collection. Captured by our talented in-house photographers, you get a closer look at what makes these high quality fake watches so special. This week we have the last of the Rolex GMT-Master family, and a Speedmaster that almost wasn’t made.

The Perfect Mix Of Vintage And Modern – Replica Rolex GMT-Master Pepsi Ref. 16700 Watches

A Rolex GMT-Master from the last year of the 1980s – it was a decade that saw top UK Rolex fake watches move away from targeting divers and soldiers to becoming a luxury brand for the corner office with small changes, like moving to white-gold applied indices and 904L steel that offers that signature Rolex shine.

The ref. 16700 is the last of the Swiss made copy Rolex GMT-Master watches line and the last GMT to include tritium on the dial. This is the lume that ages with the watch, moving from stark white to a soft yellow. This 1989 model’s markers have moved past the initial white stage and are starting to turn to a, let’s say, eggnog color. Over the next few decades this watch will slowly patina to look similar to pieces you might see from the 1960s. The modern AAA China replica watches from Rolex with ceramic bezels and modern lume will never show the same level of age. This is the last GMT model to bridge the gap between where Rolex came from and where it is today.

The Speedmaster That Almost Wasn’t – Fake Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatches Chronograph ‘Tintin’ Ref. 311.

Baselworld 2013 had a heck of a Speedmaster lineup for Omega. The Swiss movements replica Omega Speedmaster ’57 watches was released as an homage to the first year of the model’s production and the Dark Side of the Moon took up all of the headlines with its black ceramic case. A footnote that year was also the release of a Speedmaster racing model with a white and red ring around the dial.

This initially overlooked model is the one that would eventually catch the attention of collectors. Rumblings about an interesting backstory behind this watch would soon come to light. Originally this watch was supposed to be a collaboration between Omega and the comic book character Tintin, inspired by the issue titled Destination Moon. Published almost two full decades before Neil and Buzz visited the Moon with their own Omega Speedmaster super clone watches for men, it had the title character Tintin flying to the moon on a red and white checkered rocket. Unfortunately, the collaboration fell through at the last minute.

The last-minute change meant that the production run was smaller than originally planned, less marketing was given to it, and the amount that reached the market has never been verified. Those all add up to collectors dream replica watches wholesale with a built in story, and it looks great too.

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