1989 UK Luxury Rolex Submariner Ref. 5513 Replica Watches Online

I used to think a perfect fake Rolex Submariner with the white gold surrounds was not a vintage Sub. For me, a vintage Sub has always been the early gilt/glossy dials or the matte dial version that followed. I think that ideal has been true for most vintage enthusiasts for a long time. But then, when you think about the passage of time, it’s also true that high quality replica watches from the 1980s and early 1990s are creeping up to be considered as “vintage,” as well. It’s the preconceived notion that was holding me back from embracing this variant for a long time. But now that I have opened up my mind, I’m starting to like it even more than the matte dial replica Rolex online UK – perhaps because it also aligns with my liking for glossy dials of the early days, without breaking the bank.

This cheap fake Rolex Submariner UK from 1989 (L serial) is truly at the tail-end of the near-30-year run of ref. 5513 production, making it the last of the long-running reference. The first thing that stands out is the glossy dial, of course. Let’s admit, it doesn’t have the unmistakable patina of the early glossy dials.

Some may say it’s colder-looking than the softer matte dial variants, but I actually find the glossiness on this modern-ish best 1:1 replica Rolex Submariner inviting. The smooth black surface makes the dial look extra black and with more depth compared to the slightly rougher texture of the matte dial, which has the tendency to age in a more dusty blackboard black. The biggest part which I was not a fan of, originally, were the so-called “white gold surrounds.” The silver-colored frame around the lume for the hour makers used to throw me off. I recently realized that it wasn’t really because of the frame around the hour markers.

It was because of the combination of the often whiter lume color and the silver color of the frame that stood out against the deep black color of the dial. The stark color difference was just too much for me. Lately, I’ve noticed that the white lume color of the cheap super clone Rolex from this era is starting to age beautifully, as well. In many of the examples, the lume color is turning into that signature aged light custard color which feels more authentic.

Combined with the traditional robust AAA replica Rolex Submariner case, a workhorse automatic movement, and an Oyster bracelet, it comes together neatly at the cusp of vintage and modern; a proud family member of a true classic. I feel this glossy dial variant is a respectable ode to the original glossy dials from the early 1960s, and also a proper send-off to conclude the Swiss movement fake Rolex with a design like the one we have here.

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