1971 UK Perfect Replica Rolex ‘Red’ Submariner Ref. 1680 With Box and Receipts

After having a solid streak through the middle of the year, we have gone on somewhat of a “Red” Rolex Submariner fake for sale hiatus lately. This is something that continues to impress me about sitting on the Vintage Desk – high quality replica watches tend to come in waves. Four ref. 1016s over as many weeks and then not another good example pops up for months – that’s just the way it is.

Specifically for Red luxury replica Rolex Submariners, we sold a few really nice examples over the summer but since then, have not been offered one that passes our test and that we can stand behind offering. With these truly special examples in recent memory, it was hard to settle for offering just an average super clone watch.

Today’s Red Rolex Submariner copy online is no average watch, this is the one we have all been waiting to come back with. This watch is hitting all the right notes for a vintage cheap replica Rolex Submariner with creamy, even lume patina across the dial plots, hands, and bezel pip, a clean matte black dial that presents with a near-chalkboard feel, and a bezel insert that has faded ever so slightly as to give that ghosted grey metallic look, especially in the sun.

Overall, the Swiss made fake Rolex is extremely wearable, sitting somewhere between a mint, (JCB voice) “untouched” example and something that you will be disappointed with when you begrudgingly look at your wrist. A vintage 1:1 replica Rolex Submariner should look like a tool and be worn, that’s exactly what it was made for. This particular Red Sub begs for wear from its a watch box, likely winning the argument most days.

And while you wear the Swiss movement fake Rolex, you can take a look through the accessories. It is always nice to have the original box and some paperwork but the details here are to die for. Let’s start with the receipts, these delicate papers show an original point of sale at a Navy Exchange on January 10th, 1973. The price for a AAA replica Rolex Submariner UK in the early 1970s? $220.

On the outer box is a “1680/a/b” sticker which is important to note as boxes were regularly switched around at Rolex replica Paypal UK retail locations and military exchanges but this box is meant to go with this watch. That much is clear by the hand-written case serial number on the outer box, as well. Hit the Shop, just as the original owner hit the Navy Exchange in 1973; fair warning, the best quality fake Rolex is not $220 here.

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